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Name:Iva Tolnai
Birthdate:Mar 24
Location:Pennsylvania, United States of America

Interests (111):

abortion access, alison bechtel, animation, austin, bdsm, bell hooks, body modification, body positivity, brick, burlesque, cats, central texas summers, chartreuse, choice, clark park, cocoa nibs, comics, cooking, corsetry, costumes, craft beer, dodgeball, drag, dykes, dykes to watch out for, eating, eating disorder recovery, erotica, experimentation, ezra pound, fat girl fashion, federico garcia lorca, feminisms, folklore, gaming, gertrude stein, ghost stories, girl geeks, glitter, hayao miyazaki, healthcare reform, horror movies, hypertext, imagists, in watermelon sugar, judith butler, karaoke, kate harding, kink, klaus nomi, lobster with mayonnaise, long showers, lorca in a green dress, los bros hernandez, lush, magic realism, maria callas, modernists, nanowrimo, nightwood, norwegian wood, on our backs, onion creek memorial park, pansexuals, pears, performance, persona, philadelphia, piano bars, pies, porn, pot, private school stories, procrastinating, productivity, prose, public art, public transportation, queers, reading, richard brautigan, rpgs, scientology, seduction: the cruel woman, sensible shoes, short fiction, singing, sloth, snakes and earrings, sondheim, sopa de gran pena, speculative fiction, student-centered education, studio ghibli, submission, tavern on camac, tea, teaching, tender buttons, the brothers grim, the giant clothes pin, theatre, things of a sartorial nature, tropic of orange, victoriana, whedonverse, wigs, workshopping, world of warcraft, writing, zot!
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